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How much is the price of power balance in foreign money

It works based on "dynamic stability" principle, with built-in precision solid-state gyroscopes to determine body posture status, under precise and high-speed microprocessors to calculate the appropriate instruction, driving motor to balance the effect. Balance electric cars are in the United States "birth", United States first rise in this industry, then came into the Chinese market.

So how much do power balance in domestic car? Common power balance brand Lin Luo everywhere at home and abroad. Are some of the more well-known brands, so prices are generally more than 5000 Yuan, double maybe at about 10'000, if you also want to base around 20'000 with off-road capabilities, so I want to buy foreign brands of self-balanced electric car you better not bad money. Price is 1200-3000 Yuan, while a bit more expensive, probably about 2000-5000, 8.1 million, which is based on the price level down rows of power balance, compared to the current price gap is still very big. Prices are not cheap but the quality is no different than at home. Such a price on the home only high-end consumers can handle, some low-end consumers have prohibitive. Then we might as well cast a vision of domestic brands.