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Lithium Battery Electric Rover Board Charging Time And Charging Method

Lithium battery Electric Rover Board Charging time and charging method
Lithium-ion battery is simply lithium battery, in the Electric Rover Board local models have been widely used for lithium-ion battery for the first time charging, lithium-ion battery charging time and method of the problem, will be in the following detailed and we explain.
Talking about the Proper Use of Lithium Ion Electric Rover Board
Lithium battery correct use of the method actually summed up about 3 points, Jaguar Electric Rover Board on the following three large charge and discharge problems were summarized:
1, in accordance with the standard time and procedures to charge, even the first three times should be so; (especially not to carry out more than 12 hours of long charge)
2, when the Electric Rover Board during the running of lithium battery power is too low prompted, as soon as possible to the lithium battery charge as soon as possible. (PS: strong here is not recommended fast charging station, super damage to the battery. The market on the battery charge and recharge the battery for a long time charging is not all right, it depends on the type of battery, for "as much as possible to Electric Rover Board battery running out, it is best to use the road can not run "approach, in fact, only used in nickel batteries, the purpose of course is to avoid the battery memory effect.
3, lithium battery Electric Rover Board activation does not require a special method, in the Electric Rover Board running lithium battery will naturally activate. If you deliberately use the spread of the "first three 12-hour long charge activation" method, then only futile, without any effect.
Lithium ion Electric Rover Board Battery misuse
Blindly pursuing 12 hours of long charging and lithium battery power used to automatically power out of the practice, are wrong. If you were doing it in the wrong way, please correct it in time.
Lithium-ion battery daily maintenance and preservation
Lithium battery self-discharge is very low, generally can be stored for 3 years, in the cold storage conditions, the effect will be better. Lithium battery stored in the low temperature of the place, after all, is a very good way.
Lithium-ion batteries can be stored at 20 ℃ for more than six months, because of its low self-discharge rate, and most of the capacity can be restored. Lithium battery exists in the phenomenon of self-discharge, if the battery voltage below 3.6V for a long time to save, will lead to excessive battery discharge and damage the internal structure of the battery to reduce battery life. Therefore, long-term preservation of the lithium battery should be every 3 to 6 months, once the charge, that is, the charge to the voltage of 3.8 ~ 3.9V (lithium battery best storage voltage of 3.85V or so) is appropriate, should not be filled. Lithium battery application temperature range is very wide, in the north of the winter outdoor, can still be used, but the capacity will be reduced a lot, if returned to room temperature conditions, the capacity can be restored by a certain temperature. Lithium battery and lithium-ion battery is different, it can not charge, charging is very dangerous. Other considerations, and lithium-ion battery quite.
Electric Rover Board The battery is the culprit. The battery life with the increase in the number of times and gradually reduce, in general, large manufacturers will have a quality standard, better maintenance of the battery 12 months later there will be more than 80% capacity. Electric Rover Board battery in the summer charge and discharge rate of 105%, spring temperature of about 20 degrees when the charge and discharge rate of 100%, and by the winter, the charge and discharge rate may reach less than 80%, which is the impact of the battery temperature capacity. Proper maintenance of the rational use of Electric Rover Board batteries, so that the Electric Rover Board battery to maintain a good technical state, is to improve the Electric Rover Board continued mileage of the fundamental guarantee. The correct maintenance of your Electric Rover Board charging method and the use of frequency; less row of multi-charge is the best way, as short as possible to ride short complement, to develop a good habit of parking charge. Pay attention to the charging temperature, the winter to the higher temperature of the room, the summer in the low temperature ventilation.